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General Services Administration (GSA) Training Programs - Resource for Facility Managers


Web site: http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/channelView.do?pageTypeId=8199&channelId=-13440

GSA offers federal employees training in many different areas. GSA also offers workshops for vendors on how to obtain a GSA Schedules contract, and a course (Cooperative Purchasing Program) designed to assist state and local government customers in using GSA Schedule contracts for information technology products and services. The training categories are listed below.

  • Contracts & Acquisition Training (the Center for Acquisition Excellence provides comprehensive training for Schedules, GWACs, and the Cooperative Purchasing Program)
  • Gov't Charge Cards (SmartPay) Training (for cardholders and for program coordinators)
  • Technology Management Training (CIO University, Federal Learning Technology Program, etc.)
  • Travel and Transportation Management Training
  • Vehicle and Fleet Management Training
  • Emergency Management Training
  • Federal Advisory Committee Act Training