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Office Furniture: Sit-Stand Desks and Beyond


When facility executive Will Martin, MCRw, CFM, first saw the VARIDESK booth at a conference, he realized that beyond sit-stand desktops, VARIDESK could help create the kind of active workspace he had been thinking about. We sat down with him to learn more on how he’s reimagining his company’s approach to space management.

Q: What is the most common challenge you experience with your clients?

A: Most of them are growing businesses with a high churn rate, so planning for future changes is necessary but difficult. The biggest challenge is finding a long-term solution that’s truly flexible. VARIDESK products are easy to move and reuse, so they allow me to add new employees or create new adjacencies in very little time and at minimal expense.

Q: How is VARIDESK a more flexible solution than traditional furniture systems?

A: There’s no anchoring involved, so you’re not connected to a wall or a central spine that limits your ability to make changes. With VARIDESK, every single piece is easy to connect, disconnect, move, and set up.

Q: How is VARIDESK different in terms of labor and installation?

I can build or change an entire workspace with little to no assembly or installation, and without the expense of a professional crew. The turnaround time on projects is much shorter, scheduling is easier, and there’s no disruption of business.

Q: What about TCO? How does VARIDESK offer value to businesses over traditional furniture?

A: VARIDESK offers a great combination of commercial-grade materials and flexible design. These are pieces I can use and reuse for years to come, knowing they’ll always work seamlessly together over the life of the product.

Q: Talk to us about some of the trends in facility management and office design

A: The focus on wellness is here to stay–it’s what today’s employees expect, and having an active workspace makes it easier to recruit and retain talent because it gives employees and business owners alike more choices in how they work and how they design their office.

Q: Do you recommend VARIDESK as a partner to other facility managers?

A: Yes, VARIDESK active workspaces change any office into a more open, collaborative space that people really respond to. When I put a VARIDESK workspace into one area of an office, I always get requests from other departments for the same setup.

I think of my job as change management and VARIDESK makes my job easier.

Will Martin is a real estate and facility executive with 20+ years’ experience in complex portfolio management and full-service facility and project management.

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