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NSA Releases Game-changing Graphical Logic Analysis Support Software



CHARLOTTE, N.C.  – Nuclear Safety Associates has announced the introduction of a revolutionary new software product that dramatically improves the ability to visually analyze complex logical relationships in a fully interactive environment. Graphical Logic Analysis Support Software, (GLASS, patent pending) depicts logic relationships within equipment, systems, infrastructure or organizations in an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface.

Robert Frost, Ph.D., president and CEO of Charlotte-based NSA, said GLASS rapidly assesses system-wide impacts of challenges to specific equipment or system subsets and works in a wide range of applications and scenarios.


“Any situation where benefit can be gained from analyzing complex logical relationships is a candidate for GLASS,” he said. “This software is an invaluable aid in decision-making activities, including incident planning and safety analysis, live incident management and training. The introduction of GLASS changes everything.”


GLASS is designed to work on a variety of platforms – from servers and desktops to laptops and tablets – and supports a touchscreen interface.


NSA’s first GLASS application is for facility fire pre-planning and provides a prime example of the software’s capabilities. Any industrial facility storing combustible materials is required to have a pre-fire plan that identifies hazards and establishes plans to respond to a fire based on its location and other variables.


In pre-fire planning scenarios, GLASS users input the plan and facility-specific information (locations of hazardous materials, sensors and alarms, floor plans, etc.), then enter GLASS to see a visual depiction of the entire facility, certain areas and even a single room. Key features, such as doors, extinguishers, sensors, and alarms are displayed using graphical icons that can be customized to meet standard usage for the facility.


In the most advanced deployment mode, input from sensors (heat, smoke, CO2, etc.) is fed directly into GLASS. The information can also be manually entered by clicking or touching the corresponding icon.


GLASS uses the logical relationships between the fire pre-plan and the facility infrastructure information to direct the incident commander on steps to take and in which order. Importantly, said Dr. Frost, the software modifies the instructions dynamically as the event unfolds.


“If the fire pre-plan instructs the response team to enter a room by a particular route based on the initial information, GLASS will modify the route if conditions have changed,” he said. “These changes are immediately updated and visually displayed in GLASS as the information is received. As the response team completes actions, the incident commander clears them in GLASS.”


The software also offers an “Event Logging” feature allowing the incident commander to document key actions taken, including time/date stamping. This can be used for post-incident review, or, when GLASS is used as a training tool, to evaluate the drill.


The GLASS Pre-Fire Plan application can also track combustible and chemical inventories by location and link Material Safety Data Sheets directly to each location for easy access. It can also be linked to an interactive gaseous dispersion model to assist with protective action decision-making.


“GLASS provides the ultimate tool for facilities and a variety of industries to be proactive and protect their employees and business,” Dr. Frost said.


NSA is debuting GLASS today at the Hot Springs, Va., summit and will also offer live demonstrations during the NEI Emergency Preparedness Forum in Baltimore, Md., June 11-14.


Watch for more conference announcements in coming months. NSA will release additional applications for this revolutionary new software product in the near future.


About NSA

Nuclear Safety Associates is a premier provider of engineering and professional services, with a focus on specialized niches such as nuclear safety, emergency response, startup, fire protection, probabilistic risk assessment (PRA), seismic and structural engineering, and security services.  The company has a strong position in the nuclear industry, where it has expertise in all phases of the nuclear lifecycle and where it operates in all of the industry segments, e.g., DOE, fuel cycle, vendor, and utility.  NSA has plans to expand into the broader energy market, while retaining a focus on specialized niche areas.  The Charlotte, N.C., company, founded in 2001, has field offices in Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Hudson, Wis.; Columbus, Ohio; and Albuquerque, N.M.  NSA has earned a strong reputation for quality and technical excellence and has the experience, infrastructure and financial stability to successfully manage complex projects requiring highly skilled technical resources.

Throughout its 12-year history, the company has experienced consistent and managed growth. NSA is recognized by Inc. Magazine’s as one of America’s top 5,000 fastest growing small businesses and top engineering companies for four consecutive years.  NSA’s exceptional record of accomplishment is the result of its focus on performance, exceeding customer expectations and viewing every customer relationship as a true partnership.


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