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EPV Electronic GmbH's Aircosaver

The Aircosaver is an electronic control unit for existing cooling systems. Its sensor-driven software algorithms are designed to detect thermodynamic saturation. When overcapacity is detected, the Aircosaver switches the compressor off and the AC system makes maximum use of the stored cooling energy in the evaporator. Suitable for RTUs, single split systems, cassette units, and wall-mounted and window units.

Aircosaver has a sensor installed on the supply side of the evaporator which detects when the stored energy is used, once detected the compressor can work efficiently again and is switched on.

Since the correct point to switch the compressor varies from AC system to AC system and changes with different weather conditions, the Aircosaver is constantly adapting its settings to ensure efficient operation of the AC system at all times.

For more information please contact Gary Miller gmiller@innovationthruenergy.com




Contact FacilitiesNet Editorial Staff »   posted on: 11/6/2019

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