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Simon Roofing Releases SR PreVision

SR PreVision is a technological advancement within the commercial roofing industry that introduced science into the equation of efficiently and effectively managing roof assets.

The most expensive – and least sustainable – way to handle commercial roofing is by running it to failure, a reactive practice the industry as a whole has accepted for decades. It’s quite common for facility managers to be responsible for many buildings throughout different areas of the country, which can make proactive maintenance and management rather difficult.

SR PreVision is a comprehensive tool that includes a dashboard designed to empower facility managers to be able to prioritize maintenance spend by knowing precisely when each roof in their portfolio will need an intervention before it fails.

The dashboard and detailed reporting are the result of visual roof evaluations, comprehensive in-house laboratory testing of core roof samples and proprietary predictive software. This proven combination provides facility managers with the current condition of each roof, along with an accurate estimate of remaining useful life, all available life-extension options and the associated costs of them.

Each SR PreVision portfolio analysis is customized based on a facility manager’s desired plan duration, annual roofing budget, local replacement cost data and capital planning priorities. 

SR PreVision was invented to prevent premature roof replacements and it’s done just that. 

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