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Goodway Launches Free Online Calculator to Gauge Cost of Chiller Fouling

Have you ever wondered how much mineral and scale fouling in chiller tubes is costing you? Goodway Technologies has recently launched a convenient and free online Chiller Fouling Calculator that considers annual operating hours, average load, energy cost and rated chiller efficiency to analyze how much you are currently spending and could potentially be saving by removing scale deposits from tubes.

As an example, if your chiller is operating at 3,000 hours a year with energy costs at $.09/KW-hr and an efficiency rating of $.65/KW/ton, a heavy amount of deposit could be adding an extra $28,000 in energy costs every year.

“Maintenance can often be put on the back burner as a result of cost and resources, but this calculator helps facility managers and personnel in charge of chiller maintenance present their case for ongoing cleaning and maintenance,” says Tim Robb,vice president of marketing and strategic business development with Goodway. “You can easily see the importance of making the investment as well as the potential savings and impact.”

According to the United States Geological Survey, most of the United States live in medium to hard water environments. These deposits can wreak havoc on any water based equipment in the form of scale. Using this helpful online resource is the first step in taking preventative measures on scaled-up tubes.

To help with this vital maintenance need, Goodway Technologies offers a range of innovative solutions for chiller tube maintenance including ScaleBreak industrial descaling chemicals and accessories. ScaleBreak is used widely in industrial applications to safely dissolve lime scale and hard mineral deposits quickly and easily. The product features multiple formulas to match up to the base metals and materials of the machinery being descaled. Custom formulations for unique applications are available too. Other applications include descaling boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pumps and any hydronic system with scale issues.

Efficient tube chiller cleaning is crucial to maintaining efficiency and prolonging the life expectancy of your chiller. Consider using Goodway’s free resources to determine your chiller maintenance needs or contact a sales engineer to discuss how these unique and practical solutions can help you save money.

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