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Lowering Your Facility’s Electric Rates

Many energy practitioners are either uninformed or misinformed about how electricity is actually priced. Many are also unaware of how to properly calculate potential dollar savings from energy efficiency upgrades.

A new book, Lowering Your Facility’s Electric Rates, can help facility and energy managers achieve an important bottom-line goal: understanding their power pricing so that they can reduce it. The book is written by Lindsay Audin, an expert in the field who has been engaged in energy services since 1974.

The book will help facility and energy managers to gain an understanding of the basic principles of electricity pricing in a straightforward, easy to grasp format.

Designed for commercial, industrial and institutional (C&I) power customers, this book details ways to secure lower electricity rates and pricing in both regulared an deregulated retail power markets. The range of options varies from simple methods (e.g., minimizing sales tax) to complex techniques (e.g., intervening in regulatory rate proceedings). Key topics covered include:

  • Understanding power pricing and electric bills
  • Analyzing your rates
  • Options for rate and cost reductions, from simple to complex
  • Negotiating with utilities
  • Power procurement in a competitive retail electricity market

Lindsay Audin (CEM, LEED AP, CEP)is the president of Energywiz, an energy consulting firm with clients that have included Fortune 500 corporations, major institutions, government agencies (in the United States and abroad), energy service companies, and other energy consulting firms. Before he formed Energywiz, Audin was energy manager for Columbia University, where he won national and international awards while saving the university millions of dollars a year. Audin is also a contributing editor to Building Operating Management magazine.

The book is published by Fairmont Press. For more information about Lowering Your Facility’s Electric Rates, click here.

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