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Conquest: International Building Code Lacks Enforcement

Conquest Firespray, a manufacturer of fire-rated architectural and engineered duct systems, has announced that its code experts have detected broad non-enforcement of the International Building Code (IBC), in part from a misinterpretation of the existing codes and/or lack of awareness of code requirements. That conclusion was reached, and reconfirmed, in the market during discussions with numerous state and local code officials, contractors, and engineers over a year-long period.

Conquest Firespray recently made the dramatic statement that most industry-standard horizontal HVAC fire-rated assemblies are not in compliance with requirements of the International Building Code (IBC). States such as Florida (and others soon to concur with Florida’s findings) are now in agreement with Conquest Firespray’s findings.

“The IBC and other applicable codes are not theories; indeed, they are prescriptive practices required for new construction based on lessons learned from past building failures,” saya John Pattillo, head of engineering with Conquest. “The codes are only as effective as code officials understanding and enforcing code provisions.”

“Perhaps even more dangerous that the non-compliance is that current practices of insulating non-compliant duct systems not only mask the problem, but accelerate system failure,” Pattillo says. “This imperils the lives of occupants and first responders, and it really needs to be addressed through immediate enforcement of the codes.”

In response to this situation, Conquest and its fully code-compliant Flamebar BW11 solution, has introduced an education program to help specifiers, design professionals, and contractors achieve compliance. The program qualifies for continuing education credits and offers modules in five key areas: Architects, Engineers, Building Code Officials, Fire Marshals, and Mechanical Contractors.

Direct links to the no-cost / no obligation code education modules:

· Architects: http://conquest-firespray.com/architect/

· Engineers: http://conquest-firespray.com/engineer/

· Building Code Officials: http://conquest-firespray.com/codeofficial/

· Fire Marshals: http://conquest-firespray.com/firemarshal/

· Mechanical Contractors: http://conquest-firespray.com/mechanicalcontractor/

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