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Bell & Gossett Launch HVAC and Plumbing Systems Online Selection Tool

Xylem’s Bell & Gossett brand has introduced ESP-Systemwize TM, the industry’s first online selection tool that provides HVAC and plumbing system designers the ability to choose all system components within a single integrated tool to ensure the most efficient hydronic system design.

“Proper system design is critical to minimizing life-cycle costs and reducing a system’s power consumption. We’re seeing a trend where building owners, facility managers and specifying engineers are increasingly putting holistic system performance at the top of their lists when it comes to commercial buildings — whether that’s retrofitting or new construction,” said Mark Handzel, Vice President, Product Regulatory Affairs, & Director, HVAC/Commercial Building Services Americas, Xylem Applied Water Systems. “Bell & Gossett’s expansive portfolio, applications expertise and hydronic systems knowledge has been incorporated into ESP-Systemwize, resulting in an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for selecting highly efficient pumps and compatible system accessories.”

ESP-Systemwize is the evolution of Bell & Gossett’s ESP-Plus Online, integrating the most popular aspects of the previous program while adding new user-friendly features to specify efficient pump systems.

The system selection tool includes Bell & Gossett’s Part Load Efficiency Value (PLEV) selection criteria, a calculation that represents the efficiency of the pump at partial flow rates. Flow requirements fluctuate constantly based on the heating and cooling needs of a building at any given time. However, with the traditional pump selection approach, industry professionals select pumps at 100 percent load conditions, although a pump only operates there 1 percent of the time.

“When combining highly efficient pumps with selections based on PLEV, system designers can maximize operational performance while realizing energy and cost savings,” Handzel said.

To further ensure efficient system selection, ESP-Systemwize guides industry professionals through the specification process by providing side-by-side product comparisons, an express select button that helps quickly narrow down a pump search, and an active warning system that alerts users of potential selection problems. ESP-Systemwize is also searchable by groups of products — a click of the performance button analyzes a pump’s multiple speeds in real time and the workplace tab offers additional product data.

The system selection tool allows industry professionals to specify pumps, suction diffusers, triple duty valves, air and dirt separators, expansion tanks, heat exchangers, pressure independent control valves and replacement parts.

“Now, more than ever, industry professionals are turning to HVAC manufacturers to answer their questions quickly and thoroughly throughout the system specification process,” Handzel said. “When someone clicks on the help button to submit comments and questions, they will be addressed in real time. If a very technical response is required, ESP-Systemwize will alert product experts to respond.”

Another feature of ESP-Systemwize that helps industry professionals with the pump selection process is the option to create a customized project schedule, share it with a manufacturer’s representative in their area, and edit it, enabling the management of the entire system selection process in a single project schedule. Engineers and system designers can also generate submittals and download other technical documentation for information on proper installation and applications of the products they selected.

ESP-Systemwize will be updated regularly with new features and capabilities to maintain its status. To learn more about the ESP-Systemwize system selection tool, please visit www.esp-systemwize.com or watch the launch video.

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