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Energy Conservation & Supply, Inc. Rebrands to ECS Global

ECS Global, a provider of integrated building and energy intelligence solutions, has unveiled a new website as part of a rebranding initiative. The company, formerly known as Energy Conservation & Supply, Inc., has expanded its solution set to include smart building integration, effectively leveraging the dynamically expanding and explosively growing "building internet of things" globally.

"For current customers, we are able to deliver more value by connecting and integrating formerly disparate systems that can mine and leverage all of the data in their buildings and every person or piece of machinery or electron that interacts with those buildings," said Luther Garcia, CEO at ECS Global. "This can help reduce and curtail their energy demand footprint, and in some cases even monetize that footprint."

ECS Global was founded to serve the growing needs of businesses seeking cost effective demand side management, with a mission to deliver superior products and services at a competitive price point. Their full set of integrated building and energy intelligence solutions include: Lighting and Lighting Controls, Building Automation, Security, Energy Intelligence, and Demand Response.

In addition to being an established and reliable company, ECS Global is also innovative, being one of the few companies capable of putting all the pieces together in an industry where typically these different building system components are designed, architected, and operated in silos.

"While there are plenty of people talking about providing integrated smart building solutions, very few actually are," added Garcia. "ECS Global is an exception, in that we are actually walking the walk."

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