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ACEEE: The Market For Intelligent Efficiency Technology

Our new research reveals that sales of learning thermostats, a very popular form of intelligent efficiency, are expected to be three times as high this year as they were in 2013. This surge suggests broad future use of technologies that can save dramatic amounts of energy.

In recent years, ACEEE has explored the benefits of intelligent efficiency, our term for energy efficiency made possible by the responsive, adaptive, and predictive capabilities of information and communication technologies (ICT). These technologies can save energy by improving control and operation of systems, facilities, organizations, and even neighborhoods. Many products and services make up intelligent efficiency, producing savings in every sector of the economy. Yet very little quantitative information is available to help us understand its breadth and reach.

ACEEE's new study documents the recent growth in use of intelligent efficiency across the US economy. It identifies how and how much ICT is being used to save energy. Our analysis focuses on four sectors of the economy - buildings, manufacturing, transportation, and government services - where intelligent efficiency applications are most common and are having the greatest impact on end-user energy consumption...

To read the report, visit: http://aceee.org/research-report/ie1701

To continue reading this blog post, visit: http://aceee.org/blog/2017/04/how-big-market-intelligent-efficiency

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