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IMD Aims to Advance High-Quality, Efficient Project Delivery

Integrated Modular Design (IMD), a new company specializing in the design and implementation of pre-fabricated healthcare products like bathroom PODs, exam rooms and patient room headwalls, seeks to lead the construction industry toward more efficient, effective and higher-quality solutions.

Fueled by their leading-edge pre-fabrication solutions, IMD has created products capable of reducing construction timelines and project risk, and increasing quality while significantly accelerating revenue capture. The company has combined expertise from ldesigners and healthcare providers to inform their products and ensure that they are calibrated to meet the needs of 21st century healthcare delivery.

IMD has previously partnered in the successful development and fabrication of washroom pods for several hospital sites in the Chicago region. Thanks to numerous project delivery innovations, the client was able to reduce change orders, RFIs and construction capital throughout the course of that project.

Specifically, the use of IMD's bathroom pods achieved the following:

  • The elimination of 10 weeks of construction time during the delivery process
    A 67% reduction in truck deliveries and minimized overall site congestion
    Significant reductions in material and resource waste during the overall production
    An 8-12% decrease in time-sensitive costs

In addition to production of pre-fabricated exam rooms and patient headwalls, IMD is creating new MEP solutions encompassing central plants, skid packages and racks. IMD will seek further opportunities to design new pre-fabricated products as they continue to partner with leading healthcare institutions. 

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