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DENSO Partners with Reverse Logistics Industry to Offer Webinar on Secure QR Code Product Labeling and Practices


DENSO ADC, the Americas sales arm of DENSO Wave Inc., inventor of the QR Code, will join with leading reverse logistics experts to discuss DENSO’s latest generation of Secure QR Code (SQRC) technology to manage returned inventory and protect against fraud during a free webinar titled “DENSO and InforMission Present SQRL Code Labels to Stop Return Fraud,” March 10 at 11:00 PST. The live online event is hosted by the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA), a trade organization dedicated to helping third-party service providers and the manufacturers, retailers and brands they support manage returned inventory and product repairs under warranty.

During the 60 minute webinar, DENSO representatives will discuss the company’s enhanced SQRC, whose technology conforms to the RLA’s new labeling standards for processing returns and repairs, refurbishing products and recycling materials. Speakers from the RLA’s own Standards Committee will discuss the organization’s new labeling standards and cost-effective industry methods for creating labels that contain secure information on and inside products and new start. They include representatives of InforMission Solutions, LLC, the information technology developer that produces tools to create and read the Secure Quick Reliable Login (SQRL) system, and Connexus, a software firm focused on warranty management.

DENSO’s SQRC contains two layers of data: information that can be read by all parties in the supply chain and encrypted information available only to designated private parties. The latter is used by multiple industries – electronics, software, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, apparel and others – to optimize supply chain transactions and protect companies and consumers by detecting and preventing counterfeit, gray-market and black-market goods.

The webinar invites all participants to exchange ideas on the potential applications of enhanced product labeling. Topics include cost control, supply chain efficiency, fraud reduction and as-needed data access levels, depending on the party handling the product such as a retail technician repairing the product or the original manufacturer authenticating the parts.

In the U.S. alone, the retail industry estimates the annual cost of return fraud and abuse at nearly $16 billion, based on the National Retail Federation 2015 Return Fraud Survey. Return fraud and abuse erode the job market and tax base, in addition to driving up costs for companies and consumers.

“This RLA webinar is a golden opportunity to share information and gain feedback that supports best industry practices using encryption technologies,” said David Keller, manager of DENSO ADC. “Everyone benefits from more secure product labeling.”

To register for the “DENSO and InforMission Present SQRL Code Labels to Stop Return Fraud” webinar, visit

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