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Rinnai Highlights New Tankless Rack Systems at 2017 AHR Expo

 Rinnai America Corporation, manufacturer of North America’s No. 1 selling tankless water heater brand, is showcasing the company’s new Modular Hybrid Water Heating System and Corner Tankless Rack System at this year’s AHR Expo in Las Vegas. The company is exhibiting the technology alongside its C199 commercial tankless unit and Demand DuoTM hybrid water heating system as well as its Floor-Standing and Wall-Mount Tankless Rack System at Booth C4520, providing a wide array of commercial water heating solutions for virtually any installation.

“We realize that installers are often replacing outdated boilers or tank water heaters in commercial projects, and we want to make the transition from older technologies to tankless as simple as possible,” said Rohan Scafe, Rinnai’s system design engineering manager “Consequently, we’ve developed several tankless water heating solutions that offer the flexible placement, space savings and minimal downtime commercial establishments require. Our Application Engineering Center of Excellence is available to recommend the best solution for a project or to design a customized solution, if needed, so installers and facilities managers can feel confident that they’ll have a consistent, endless supply of hot water from Rinnai.”

Modular Hybrid Water Heating System

Designed as a replacement for boiler and storage tank applications, the Rinnai modular hybrid water heating system is a Tankless Rack System, powered by Rinnai’s C199 condensing tankless water heaters, paired with a 119 gallon storage tank and recovery pump skid system. The system features a lifespan that is significantly longer than that of traditional commercial tanks. This is possible because the modular hybrid water heating system heats water outside the tank, enabling it to last longer.

The system can be installed in the field by coupling the Tankless Rack System with the storage tank and recovery pump skid system. It also features reduced installation time by limiting the in-field plumbing installation to coupling the system together and connecting the supply. Scalable to meet customer requirements, the modular design of the system allows various rack configurations to be paired with single or multiple storage tank skids, while the multiple skids allow for easy handling of the product when transporting to the installation site.

“Rinnai’s modular hybrid system offers a lower investment as well as operational redundancy in one compact package,” said Ansley Houston, director of Rinnai’s commercial division. “Because key components may be isolated and serviced independently, the system is easily maintained and can stay up and running at a reduced capacity during maintenance tasks. From installation to maintenance, this system is an ideal choice for projects that require the replacement of a boiler or commercial tank.”

Corner Tankless Rack System

In keeping with Rinnai’s focus on developing streamlined water heating solutions for commercial applications, the company recently introduced its Corner Tankless Rack System, which is designed to be the replacement for medium-to-large tank water heaters.

By allowing two C199 tankless units to be installed on perpendicular walls in the corner of a room, the Corner Tankless Rack System frees up valuable floor space previously taken by a tank. The system also features a vertical manifold design, so plumbers can pipe into existing piping, as well as a wall-hanging bracket, which enables time and materials to be saved during quick replacements.

“The Corner Tankless Rack System makes replacing an existing commercial tank with two C199 tankless units simpler than ever before,“ said Houston. “With it’s wall-mount design and zero floor footprint, the unit is ideal for applications where space is at a premium, like restaurants, laundries, school or hotel kitchens and breweries. Since launching this past fall, we’ve seen a great response from installers, and it has been more popular than even we anticipated.”

For more information about Rinnai and the company’s product portfolio, visit visit www.rinnai.us.


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