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Forum Shedding Light on Artificial Intelligence Disruptions in Healthcare


Bringing together leaders from a cross-section of Silicon Valley AI innovators, healthcare executives and top policy makers, LIGHT Forum explores how AI is shaping the healthcare industry, and will drive the healthcare economy in the future. 

The global health-care industry is at a turning point. The massive expansion of data, the rise of personalized medicine, fundamental changes in how healthcare is paid for, and the transformation of the industry into a consumer-driven model are just some of the most powerful forces roiling the landscape. 

Dramatic advances in AI offer the potential of unprecedented insights and market power for those who integrate the technology into market analysis, R&D, clinical trials, healthcare communications, diagnostic tools, decision support, treatment planning, and patient care. Ultimately, AI will transform the business model for healthcare. 

Of course AI poses both opportunities and challenges. Creating and implementing solutions will require data sharing, strong privacy guardrails, and new reimbursement models so all parties simultaneously protect personal health information and have aligned economic incentives.  This will lead to new frameworks of partnership between the pharmaceutical industry, medical device makers, insurance companies, hospital systems, clinicians and patients.

Attendees at the LIGHT Forum will include key leaders and panels from the public and private healthcare sectors. Speakers include Peter Brabeck, Chairman, Nestle, the global food science group with a 150-year history and a visionary strategic focus on the interplay between nutrition, health and wellness. 

Other speakers include Judy Sewards, VP of Digital Strategy, Pfizer; Jon Lonsdale, Founder, Palantir; Gigi Hirsch, Managing Director, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation; Peter Orszag, Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Lazard; Paul Cheesbrough, Chief Technology Officer, NewsCorp; Jeffrey Kindler, CEO Centrexion; and the former director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Dr. Mark McClellan who is now the Director of the new Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. 

Alex Turkeltaub, Founder and Chief Executive of Roam Analytics, says: that in this time of transformation, “We want to help healthcare companies and their leaders get ahead of this movement. Intelligence and technology is the solution that has many implications on patient outcomes and business models, including a major impact on long-term strategies to improve health outcomes.”  

“With the global healthcare industry transforming before our eyes, advances in AI and machine learning present enormous potential,” said Mike Hudnall, Global CEO of WPP Health & Wellness, a leading global health marketing and communications company. “The complexity and sheer volume of data now available to health executives is staggering. To drive meaningful improvements in health outcomes, and avoid costly healthcare events, we need to identify powerful human insights in the data, and fuse them with creative health and wellness intervention strategies.”

“LIGHT is a story” Richard Attias says, “three partners decided to create a game-changing platform because AI is an increasingly important topic and leaders need to tackle it now. It is crucial to look beyond the technology and consider the societal implications that it would have in healthcare to build a sustainable future for all.”

The event takes place May 10-11 at Stanford University. It is by invitation only. 

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