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CAO Lighting Files Patent Lawsuit Against Light Efficient Design and its Distributor EWS

CAO Lighting, Inc. filed a patent infringement suit against Light Efficient Design, LLC and its distributor EWS in Federal Court in Boise, Idaho, for infringement of its U.S. Patent No. 6,465,961.

CAO Lighting’s patent teaches innovative methods to build an LED light source with omni-directional beam emissions.

The asserted patent was previously challenged through re-exams at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by other parties.

The claims asserted in this lawsuit, however, survived the challenges, and were found to be patentable after rigorous review by a panel of patent examiners. Significantly, the validated claims cover multiple aspects of the LED light sources used in today’s industry.

“This patent, invented by Dr. Densen Cao, is a fundamental patent in the LED lighting industry, providing the technology for LED bulbs that emit omni-directional light.

The methods taught by this patent are proven to be the most efficient way to build this type of LED light source, evidenced by the wide adaptation and use by the industry.” said Terry Jones, General Counsel of CAO Lighting, Inc.

“CAO Lighting will vigorously protect its intellectual property rights.”

CAO Lighting has established a reputation of innovation in LED lighting design, including a revolutionary 360-degree light source. Dynasty® Omni LED products from CAO Lighting, distributed across North America, offer unique features for retrofit of HID and other high wattage light sources in different applications with great energy savings. CAO works closely with its affiliates and distributors to provide great products and service to its customers. CAO Lighting is represented by Edgar R. Cataxinos and James E. Magleby, of the Salt Lake City, Utah intellectual property law firm of Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood.

For more information about CAO Lighting, Inc., visit www.caolighting.com. 

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