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BuildingIQ Acquires Core Technology From CSIRO

BuildingIQ (ASX:BIQ) announces the acquisition of core technology, comprised of the OptiCool and ComfortSENSE subsystems and the interface in-between, from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for approximately AUD$500,000.

The acquired ComfortSENSE technology has unique potential to expand BuildingIQ’s data capture and modeling capabilities. The technology was built to provide individual building occupants with a gateway to share information on their comfort level in real-time. Within the 5i platform, this would essentially allow each person to act as the ultimate building sensor. Once incorporated into the 5i platform, this could provide an invaluable data stream for further refinement of BuildingIQ’s already robust thermal, occupancy, and behavior modeling competences.

“The addition of real-time human comfort input will extend our ability to analyze and predict BMS performance and its impact on people,” said Adam Benson, BuildingIQ’s VP of Engineering. “Building occupants are the ultimate intelligent sensor in many ways. We’re excited to be able to incorporate the human factor into our platform and ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation in building energy management solutions.”

BuildingIQ’s 5i Platform incorporates the intangible human element into its energy intelligence platform – leveraging and augmenting the expertise of its own staff and that of the company’s clients. The platform and services built upon it provide a better IoT solution for buildings based on the five pillars of data capture analysis, advanced modeling, measurement & verification, closed loop control and expert human analysis. The cloud-based platform aggregates data based on a building’s use, occupancy, weather, and building management system (BMS). Using those variables, it creates a powerful thermal model, which serves as the basis of the company’s technology-enabled offerings.

For more information, visit our website at www.buildingiq.com.

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