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New Flood Buzz Line of Water Leak Alarms Provides Early Warning of Potential Leak Hazards


 Prevent water damage and protect your facility with Flood Buzz™, the easy-to-use, low-cost, loud and effective small water-leak alarm.  The patented Flood Buzz™ warns of impending water leaks before they wreak havoc by sounding an alarm when it senses a water leak condition. 

Flood Buzz™ water leak alarms are the perfect low-cost solution for facilities management.   Flood Buzz™ Alarms are easy-to-use with an internal three-year battery and preset programming that eliminates installation time. Just place the alarm next to any potential leak location and walk away.

Several models are available in the Flood Buzz™ line: the larger Flood Buzz™ Pro, which will sound a 110 dB alarm when water touches the two prongs on the bottom of the product and the smaller and more economical Flood Buzz™ Small, which will sound a 90-95 dB alarm when it senses a water leak condition.

Flood Buzz™ Pro is offered in two versions with varying prong sizes: one is designed for typical industrial/commercial use wherever there is a water connection (or as a leave-behind marketing tool for plumbers, contractors or other service professionals) and one is for use with air conditioners' condensate pans and will allow moisture/water to build up to 1/8" before sounding. Flood Buzz™ Small is designed for use by sinks, toilets, refrigerators or residential use. The Flood Buzz™ Small’s consumer-friendly design seamlessly integrates into a home and doesn’t draw attention to the fact that it is a water leak alarm. The new Flood Buzz™ Blue, which also sounds at 110dB, is specifically designed to fit right in the water heater’s drip pan.

Flood Buzz™ products come packaged in a PDQ counter unit ready to display and sell.  

For more information call 866-797-6686 or visit our website at for product descriptions and video demos.


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