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Sunburst Chemicals Introduces Conserv SG55 Color Safe Bleach : Safe for Colored Fabrics and the Environment

Sunburst Chemicals introduces Conserv SG55, a solid, color-safe oxygen bleach that penetrates deep into fabrics to remove stains, brighten fabrics and improve overall cleaning. Conserv SG55 promotes the whiteness of whites and vibrant pastels without causing harm to the colored fabrics or the fiber.  It is part of the Conserv Energy System™ Program, which aims to provide the best overall value by reducing energy requirements needed for cleaning – reducing overall laundry facility costs – without sacrificing quality.

Conserv SG55 is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program as a product that improves the safety and environmental impact of cleaning products without sacrificing quality or performance. Conserv SG55 contains no phosphates, VOCs, chlorine or alyklphenols, and is rapidly biodegradable.



Contact FacilitiesNet Editorial Staff »   posted on: 7/25/2016

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