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Enlighted System Enables Cheshire Public Schools to Slash Lighting Energy Costs By 82%, Unlock IoT

Enlighted, Inc., the leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings, helped Cheshire Public Schools in Connecticut cut $125,000 annually in lighting energy costs.

Cheshire Schools installed an advanced lighting system from Mustone LED Illuminations featuring Enlighted Smart Sensors in all seven of its schools. Specifically, the Enlighted system delivers an additional 62 percent energy reduction over the new LED baseline by providing task tuning, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and offering utility grade metering to verify energy use. It configures and manages lighting behavior by adjusting software profiles while retaining lighting data up to 36 months. The system also generates reports on lamp and fixture outages, carbon reduction, energy and financial savings.

With the Enlighted system in place, Cheshire has the opportunity to tap into additional IoT technologies, including monitoring and controlling building temperatures, monitoring space utilization, tracking equipment and people, and smart surveillance and emergency response.

"While Cheshire is reaping the benefits of controlled LED lighting, it has unlocked the opportunity to better manage all its schools with the IoT," said Mike Xenakis, VP of Education Sales at Enlighted. "IoT allows us to support the development of the next generation of schools - brilliant schools - offering energy efficiency, HVAC management, space utilization, micropersonalization and security. This leads to a truly enhanced environment for the students, faculty and staff."

Enlighted makes buildings more intelligent by installing a network of smart sensors that gather data on things like light, heat, occupancy, security, and asset location. This data is shared anonymously to a central repository, so that a suite of proprietary apps can harvest it for insights, and interface with building systems to optimize the building environment in real-time. The Enlighted system and apps make buildings significantly more efficient, productive, comfortable, and secure.

Now in more than seven countries globally and installed in more than 135 million square feet of commercial real estate, Enlighted has worked with several schools and hospitals, as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Google, HP and AT&T.

For more information about Enlighted products, visit enlightedinc.com.


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