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Vital from Sunburst Chemicals Cleans and Deodorizes Hard Surfaces and Keeps Drains Flowing in Restrooms


 Sunburst Chemicals introduces Vital, a bioactive cleaner, deodorant, and digestant restroom, hard surface and bowl cleaner. Vital’s concentrated blend of detergent and bacterial agents break down solid organic materials that cause odors and plug drains. Vital’s non-harmful bacteria suspension is also highly effective in preventing the build up of sludge in shower, sink and tub drains. Vital is used extensively in public restrooms, restaurants, hotels, locker rooms, schools and other institutions.



Vital benefits summary:

·      Eliminates odors on hard surfaces and toilet bowls

·      Regular use in drains prevents sludge accumulation and clogs

·      Helps liquefy septic tank and drain field solids

·      No corrosive factor, no fumes

·      Excellent rinsability and hard water tolerance

·      Shelf life of 2+ years


Vital is available in a 5 gallon pail and 12 x 32-oz case.

For more information, visit



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