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Universal Lighting Technologies: Company Provides LED Solutions for Barnes & Noble Location



Nashville, Tenn. — April 7, 2016 — Barnes & Noble, the nation’s largest retail bookseller, was in need of a vibrant lighting solution to fit the custom storefront signage at its Newnan, Ga., location.

Built in 2007, the store was originally equipped with traditional neon signage. After just six years, the neon lights began to burn out in specific areas, leaving a faded, spotty outdoor sign. The store’s electrical distributor, Ben Kerstens, quotations and product manager for CED National Accounts, envisioned a different approach to the solution rather than traditional neon lighting.

“At first, we considered neon replacement,” he said. “However, neon replacement is a bit more difficult. To make it serviceable, you have to treat each letter like its own system. It’s expensive and challenging.”

Having never used LED in past sign projects, Kerstens consulted a member of his team for ideas and was referred to an LED solution with Universal Lighting Technologies. “Once I received the go-ahead to explore LED lighting, I began working with Universal to conceive ideas for the project,” he's said.

Kerstens contacted Ed Klonowski, product manager for Universal Lighting Technologies, to start the conversation about switching to LED.

“Once I saw for myself the challenge at hand, I knew LED was going to be the way to go,” Klonowski said. “The neon system was fading one area at a time, resulting in a patchy and dim outdoor sign. In addition, I estimated the new system would cut power consumption by about 80 percent over the existing neon system using a mere 20W power supply for most of the letters.”

Kerstens submitted the sign specifications, and Klonowski used Universal’s unique design layout tool to create a plan to install EVERLINE LED Chains and Drivers, a flexible solution that allows for the creation of continuous lines that even wrap around corners.

“We decided to use the EVERLINE LED Chain because of its long lifespan and energy savings for our customer,” Kerstens said. By installing an LED solution, CED was able to provide Barnes & Noble with a durable solution that lasts. The EVERLINE product delivers a consistent output from module to module regardless of distance, eliminating isolated burnouts.

“Installation was simple, and the difference is clear,” Kerstens said. “Not only are we providing an aesthetically pleasing product to our customer, but we’re saving them time and money with reduced energy costs and practically zero maintenance.”

Universal’s EVERLINE LED Chains and Constant Voltage EVERLINE Drivers allow for the creation of cohesive lighting designs that fit the unique needs of an outdoor sign. At Barnes & Noble, Kerstens had no problem weaving the chains through the sign’s curvy letters, including the B, the S, the O, and the ampersand.

“This job is representative of an LED trend we see happening in the industry,” Kerstens said. “The evenness of the light output and ease of installation made this a desirable product for the customer, and we were blown away by the results."

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. produces advanced LED, linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, HID, and eHID solutions for commercial lighting applications, as well as cost-effective energy management systems. It became a member of the Panasonic Group in 2007. 

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