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Bird-B-Gone: The Importance of Using Humane and Effective Bird Control Products



April 4, 2016 — As a building manager, you’ve learned a hard lesson: Pest birds can deface and damage your property. Cleanup and maintenance bills just keep going up. Spring is here and it’s crucial that you implement bird control measures now before spring birds arrive. And they’ll be migrating in large numbers to nest, mate, and feed their young. The longer you wait to get rid of pest birds, the worse and costlier the problem becomes. That means damage to everything from rooftop AC units to lighting fixtures. 

Perhaps nothing underscores the need for humane bird control than the fact that many birds (hundreds of species) are protected by law. The Endangered Species Act was enacted in 1973 to protect birds that are so depleted in numbers that they might face extinction. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) was enacted in 1918 to protect many migratory bird species that are valued as a source of food or in their ability to eat harmful insects. Both acts provide for severe financial penalties to be imposed on any person or business who harms or kills protected birds, or damages or destroys their nests or eggs.

Fortunately, the bird control industry offers a wide range of bird deterrents. Here are three humane and effective methods most often recommended to keep birds away from your property.

Stainless steel bird spikes: Ideal for keeping pest birds away from rooftops, parapet walls, light fixtures, and other flat or curved surfaces, bird spikes have been approved by a number of humane groups, including the U.S. Humane Society. These proven effective deterrents continue to be used by property owners worldwide.

The spikes generally come in 1-, 3-, 5- and 8-inch splay widths to provide increasingly wider areas of protection — up to 10 inches wide. These rugged spiked strips feature a patented “bend-and-crush” design, which means the spikes are firmly embedded in an unbreakable UV-protected polycarbonate base. This flexible base bends a full 360 degrees, so it can easily “follow” a variety of curved mounting surfaces.

Heavy-duty bird netting: This rugged netting is ideal for excluding birds from overhangs and other semi-enclosed areas. The netting is easy to install using a complete line of professional-grade installation hardware. Made of a tough UV-stabilized polyethylene mesh, industrial-strength bird netting is extremely durable, rot and water proof, and flame resistant. The netting comes in several area sizes and colors (black, stone or white) to blend in with its background. Bird netting is often specified in architectural plans and can have up to a 10-year guarantee.

Electric flat tracks: These low-profile, electric track systems produce a harmless electric shock that “educates” birds to stay off ledges, signage, parapet walls, and similar building surfaces. Lightweight and flexible, the track is easy to install — it bends 360 degrees without compromising its electrical integrity. Some electric track bird deterrent systems have a patented anti-arcing and glue troughs design for improved safety and performance, and are available in up to six colors.

If you’re unsure about which product would work best for your specific situation, Bird B Gone has over 90 years of combined experience in the field of bird control and can assist with product selection, installation, and cleanup. Call the company at (800) 392-6915 for a catalog, pricing, or product samples or email at The company also works with a network of authorized installers — call today for a trained bird control professional in your area. 


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