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EarthTronics: New Lighting Provides Energy Savings for Nonprofit



Muskegon, Mich. — March 3, 2016 — Every dollar counts for nonprofits. Even upgrading existing lamps to energy-saving LED lighting products can make a big impact on operations and on clients serviced. One nonprofit that follows this philosophy is Love INC of the Tri-Cities in Grand Haven, Mich., which provides 27 individual ministries through local area churches. Each ministry is made possible by donations of funding, volunteer hours, and other resources by a network of churches. 

Love INC’s primary objective is to assist people to move toward self-sufficiency where possible. Katie Appold, executive director for Love INC, said, “We believe in the potential of every person. Our goal is to help others create a sustainable lifestyle.”

Recently, Love INC received a 5,000-square-foot single-story building, including offices, a waiting area, and exam rooms. This generous donation provides a place for medical and dental services as well as encourages medical professionals to give of their time.

After receiving the building, Love INC quickly realized it needed to upgrade existing light fixtures to energy-saving LED lighting products. The building was designed to provide a warm, inviting space, which was accomplished with incandescent recessed down light fixtures. Love INC wanted to maintain the atmosphere, but use less energy. As a result, the interior recessed downlight fixtures needed to be retrofitted in the offices.

Based on the criteria, the existing 65 watt BR30 incandescent lamps were replaced with Energy Star rated 9.5 watt LED. The replacement LEDs provided reduced 85 percent of energy costs compared to the incandescents that were replaced. The BR30 LED is rated to last 25,000 hours, easily 25 times longer than the lamps they replaced. Just as important, the light level and warm, comfortable, inviting look were maintained.

To complete the lighting project, Love INC utilized LED lamps from EarthTronics. The nonprofit replaced 81 65BR30/FL lamps with 9 watt BR30 LED flood lights, eight  PLC 18 watt CFLs with 12 watt LED Plug In lamps, and three 100 watt A19 with 17 watt 1600 lumen A21 LEDs. 

“By just changing the light source,” Appold said, “the cost savings have been dramatic on our energy bill. We will be able to save more than $1,800 in annual energy savings. The money we save is used to serve our clients. Plus, we will not have to worry about changing and maintaining light bulbs every six months, since the LEDs will last for many years to come.”


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