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Canara: Analytics Improve UPS Battery Monitoring



Oct. 14, 2015 — Sophisticated algorithms and decades of data make it possible to perform predictive analytics on batteries in uninterruptible power supplies, said Brian Hanking, chief technology officer for Canara. “This previous expertise allows us to extend that service along the critical power chain to give clients a much more comprehensive picture of what to focus on to avoid problems before they occur.”

Canara has long been known for UPS battery monitoring. The company’s Battery Monitoring System continuously captures and securely transmits battery performance data for both VRLA and wet cell batteries. The company can also monitor third-party equipment to gather data.

Monitored parameters include individual battery voltage, battery ohmic, ambient temperature, internal battery temperature, AC ripple, and float current. 

The company currently monitors more than 350,000 batteries and counts among its clients such colocation giants as Digital Realty, Equinix, and CenturyLink. “We have 25 years of battery data,” Hanking said. 

Canara has identified a way to get a unique signature for a string of batteries. Having a signature enables the company to use analytics to offer a condition-based prediction of asset life for UPS batteries. An aging analysis provides an estimate of the operational months left based on a performance index rating of the battery system based on: system ohmic rise percentage, age, number of batteries in alarm, and number of batteries replaced.

The use of predictive analytics serves as an asset management tool, giving facility managers insight into which batteries will need to be changed, enabling condition-based versus time-based maintenance, Hanking said.

Canara, Inc., is a privately held, well-capitalized full-service solutions provider serving global markets with power systems infrastructure and predictive services to ensure uptime and efficient asset management. Products and services include predictive analytics, UPS and battery monitoring, branch circuit monitoring, and critical facility services. Additional battery services include installation, replacement, load testing, and thermal imaging scans.

The Canara Monitoring Operations Center ties it all together with 7x24x365 staff and an advanced monitoring portal to provide the visibility and intelligence into essential operations in order to detect potential threats and prevent problems.

For more information, visit www.canara.com.


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