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Quickstop: Talon Device Puts the Squeeze on Sprinkler Damage



May 11, 2015 — You work very hard to manage and maintain your building. That’s why its important to prepare for potential risks such as fire and water damage. Talk to anyone who has had a fire sprinkler activate and they will tell you just how catastrophic the water damage can be. Sprinkler accidents like this significantly disrupt building operations and negatively impact those who live or work in the building. They can also be extremely expensive.

Fortunately, Quickstop has an inexpensive solution to this problem and its easy enough to be used by anyone in your building. The Quickstop Talon stops most 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch fire sprinklers even if the head has been completely broken off. Simply line the tool up to the sprinkler head and squeeze the handle like a set of vice grips. The tool immediately creates a water tight seal that will hold up to 350 PSI.

A wall mount kit can be purchased which allows you to securely store your tool in a maintenance office, fire control room, or next to your fire extinguishers.

With the Quickstop Tool, you no longer need to shut off the water supply to the fire protection system. All of the sprinkler heads in the building remain operational, protecting all occupants in the building until the head can be replaced.

The Quickstop will even release from the sprinkler if a fire were to occur near it.

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