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Mokon: Company Announces New Outdoor Air-Cooled Condensers for Portable and Central Chillers



Buffalo, N.Y. — April 14, 2015 — Mokon announced that its new outdoor air-cooled condensers offer a cost-effective solution to process cooling. How? By locating the condensing coil outdoors.

This green-friendly option effectively uses the outdoor ambient air temperature to cool the refrigerant high vapor pressure in the chiller refrigeration loop. Standard condenser coils satisfy chiller capacities up to 125 tons.

By selecting a remote condenser option you will enjoy the benefit of moving both the heat and the sound of process cooling outdoors. This innovation also reduces indoor HVAC loading and noise levels.

Condensing coils are available in single or multiple circuit applications and multiple fan configurations. Venturi motor mounts and fan guards are epoxy coated for corrosion protection, offering efficiency and minimum noise levels.

Quality and craftsmanship can be found throughout our outdoor air-cooled condensers, including coil support for ease of linear expansion of the condenser core and side access panels for easy coil inspection and cleaning.

Optional coil and casing coatings are available to provide maximum corrosion protection.

The outdoor air-cooled condenser is an ideal addition to a Mokon central chiller and pump tank system that can be mounted remotely on top of or beside a building.

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