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Leading Inventory Control Customer Improves Operations With Custom-Made Lithium Ion Batteries


Braintree, Mass. — April 2015 — To a top inventory management solution contractor of some of the world’s largest retail mega-store chains, providing reliable inventory devices isn’t just beneficial — it’s absolutely necessary for the effectiveness of an entire system.

Over 60,000 devices are used by individuals dispatched to do physical inventory in stores, and scanning technology makes up just one piece of their comprehensive solution. Five other parts, including client-specific training, powerful real-time web reporting, highly redundant/secure IT infrastructure, industry-leading client support, plus best-in-class scanning technology all work together to form a complete solution; if just one of the five components fail, the entire system loses value.

The company approached Impact Power Technologies (IPT), a leading developer of high-capacity power products and pioneer of extended-life Lithium Ion (LI) battery technology, for the first time in 2014. IPT was able to customize and retool their Productivity+ Series barcode scanner battery to fit the specific needs of the client, who is the biggest user of the top scanner device in the U.S. The final product looked, felt and fit like the OE battery, but had 25 to 30 percent more power and dramatically longer life — all at a lower cost. The final closer for this inventory control customer was the fact that IPT scanner batteries have a perfect track record: zero rate of failure.

“The problem with OE batteries starts at the design process,” Ken Murphy, COO of IPT, stated. “Manufacturers build the device first, rather than constructing the battery in conjunction with the unit. You end up with a great device, but a subpar power source. Our strength is making great devices work better.” 

At the 2015 National Retail Federation “Big Show” in New York City, the client approached IPT yet again — this time requesting a second and much larger order of 35,000 more batteries for their remaining barcode scanners. This contract is proof that IPT’s technology has worked well for them.

“Landing the replacement battery contract with the industry bar code scanner giant was a perfect ending to a fantastic show,” Murphy said. “We’ve built our reputation by designing and producing batteries tailored to meet our clients' needs, and offer special services they tell us are hard to find elsewhere.”

IPT’s Lithium Ion (LI) batteries are custom-made to outperform all others on the market. They have longer runtimes, extended lifecycles, and more recharges over time than their OE counterparts. The high-quality construction of each IPT battery is fundamental to the product’s superior performance. Japanese manufacturers have truly refined lithium ion technology better than anyone else in the world, which is why IPT batteries use their cells instead of the Chinese components most other battery suppliers’ use. Japanese cells have fewer impurities and better overall quality. The result: greater power.  

“High-performance batteries can have a remarkable impact on operational efficiency,” Murphy said. “Our customers typically lose about 40 minutes of productivity each time one of their hundreds of employees needs to recharge or swap out scanner batteries, plus thousands of dollars replacing faulty ones. Having a product that lasts full-shift and has a longer life increases output while reducing dollars spent on replacement batteries. It’s really a win-win situation.”

Headquartered in Braintree, Mass., IMPACT Power Technologies (IPT) LLC, designs, manufactures and markets portable power products for land mobile communications, portable bar code scanners, UPS systems, and portable printers. IPT’s mission is to provide the highest levels of quality control and customer support that have not traditionally been available to the industry. Its innovative lithium polymer technology produces mobile communication batteries that have triple the run time of traditional batteries – as well as three times the battery life.

IPT’s Lithium Ion (LI) batteries for scanners and mobile devices are custom-made to outperform all other batteries on the market. In addition to its headquarters in Massachusetts, IPT has a Technology Center in Stuart, Fla., and works with ISO-9001, QS-9000 certified production partners in the U.S., Asia, and Taiwan. For more information, visit www.impactpowertech.com.

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