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TOTO Roles Out New Lavatory Products


TOTO has introduced an array of exciting new products this year. Here's a brief look:

Atherton Undercounter Lavatories: TOTO's new Atherton vitreous china undercounter lavatories provide an appealing and versatile design option ideal for both remodeling and new construction. With their clean lines, simple geometric shapes, and precise symmetry, these new undermount lavatories offer homeowners the sleek look of a seamless transition from basin to countertop.

TOTO offers three Atherton undercounter designs: two oval models that measure 17 by 14 inches and 19 by 15 inches, and a rectangular model that measures 17 by 13 inches. Their easy-to clean basins have vertical sides and a flat bottom. These Universal Design undercounter lavatories are ADA compliant.

Carlyle II 1G and Vespin II 1G: Committed to sustainability and honoring people, the planet, and our water supply, TOTO introduces the new Carlyle II 1G and Vespin II 1G ultra high-efficiency 1.0 gpf toilets. With their market-leading Double Cyclone technology, these two new models deliver unparalleled flushing performance using only 1 gallon of water. 

Concealed Connection Toilets to Pair with Special Order Washlets: To give homeowners' bathrooms an elegant, seamless look, TOTO offers new combinations of Concealed Connection Toilets and special order Washlets, which conceal from view the Washlets' seat warming connection, flexible water hose, hose, and electrical cord.

To obtain this sleek new design option, consumers may order a kit that contains a special order Washlet C100, C200, S300e, or S350e and one of the following toilets, with TOTO's market leading Double Cyclone flushing technology: Drake II, Drake II 1G, Vespin II, Vespin II 1G, UltraMax II, UltraMax II 1G, Carlyle II, Carlyle II 1G, Carolina II, and Supreme II.

Newly Re-engineered EcoPower Faucet: A decade ago, TOTO introduced the EcoPower high-efficiency faucet, the world's first hydropower sensor faucet and initiated a technological revolution in the plumbing industry.

EcoPower's energy source is completely self-generated. The handsome chrome fittings create their own electricity every time water spins their small internal turbine. Stored in a series of rechargeable capacitors, this auto-generated electricity powers the faucets' operation. There is no need to hard wire them to a building’s electrical system (which significantly increases installation cost) or for routine disposable battery replacement (an ongoing maintenance expense harmful to the environment). With as few as 10 uses per day, the original EcoPower faucets' back-up battery lasted up to 10 years.

Today, TOTO introduces striking technological innovations that dramatically enhance EcoPower's effectiveness. The new EcoPower high-efficiency faucet platform eliminates the need for daily use to power the faucets' operation — without decreasing its back up battery's life.

This new platform also significantly increases the faucets' ease of installation, requiring one controller for both single supply and thermal supply models. The re-engineered EcoPower faucets spout-tip sensor accurately detects hands' presence. Water is only released when hands are present — no false positives. Once hands are removed, the water ceases immediately – no water waste.

The faucets’ sensor is self-configuring, optimizing its detection range in consonance with the lavatory – no need for manual adjustment when the lavatory is replaced; no erroneous detection of foreign objects (i.e., paper towels left in the sink) as hands. Polarized glass prevents the spout-tip sensor from making an erroneous detection from glare or reflection.

TOTO also introduces two new spout designs — the redesigned Axiom and new Helix M vessel style.

NEOREST Suite Expansion: TOTO’s celebrated NEOREST Suite is a perfect marriage of innovation, design, and luxury. This year, TOTO expands the NEOREST Suite with semi-recessed vessel lavatories and a freestanding soaking tub.

Elegant in its simplicity, the commanding NEOREST updates the classic vessel with its sculptural, semi-recessed design. Its gracious curves and clean, simple lines combine to create a refined design statement. The timeless NEOREST vessel is available in two sizes: 29 1/2 by 16-15/16 inches and 23-5/8 by  15-3/16 inches, each with porcelain drain and overflow covers.

To this distinctive luxury suite, TOTO adds the NEOREST freestanding soaking tub, an elegant sculptural form with clean, simple lines. Constructed of reinforced marble, this 70-7/8 by 37-3/8 inch soaking tub has a deep bathing well that offers total body immersion and sublime comfort for a truly relaxing soak. Its generous length will easily accommodate two.

TOTO Sensor Operated Soap Dispenser: With its clean, simple lines, the sleek, modern TOTO Sensor Operated Soap Dispenser is elegantly compact, rising a mere 4-5/16 inches from the deck. This eye-catching Universal Design unit is ADA compliant. Its solid brass spout has a soft, inviting design that extends 5-5/23 inches, encouraging hand washing with its ease of use. The unit's smart sensor technology ensures hands-free activation from any angle.

Washlet C Series: TOTO's new C Series introduces the classically modern Washlet C100 and C200, which offer homeowners a clean uncomplicated look. Like the other Washlets in TOTO’s celebrated line, the new C100 and C200 will retrofit onto virtually any existing toilet, making the pursuit of personal cleanliness better in every way. Available at price points perfect for those eager to start enjoying this world-famous product line, these two introductory models offer innovative new features.


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