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RSMeans from The Gordian Group Releases RSMeans Facility Manager's Package


Greenville, S.C. — Jan. 21, 2015 — RSMeans from The Gordian Group, North America’s leading supplier of construction cost estimating information, announced the release of its completely new life cycle cost models for facilities as part of the 2015 Facility Manager’s Package.

The RSMeans Facility Manager’s Package supplies all the elements facility managers and owners need to accurately gauge the total cost of ownership and operation of a variety of commercial, industrial, and public buildings. The package includes five modules: Facilities Construction Cost Data 2015; Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data 2015; Assemblies Cost Data 2015; Square Foot Cost Data; and Life Cycle Costing for Facilities.

The newest module is the Life Cycle Costing for Facilities. According to Chris Anderson, vice president, Data Strategy and Consulting, “RSMeans' Life Cycle Costing for Facilities allows facility managers to improve the long-term cost plan for buildings and facility assets.”

Life cycle cost or sustainment is a major element in a comprehensive facility maintenance management program. It identifies the regularly scheduled and predicted maintenance and repair activities necessary to keep one or more facilities in good working order. Those activities include anticipated major repairs or component replacements that are necessary over the expected service life of a facility.

“The Life Cycle Costing for Facilities from RSMeans helps managers gauge initial installed costs versus long-term facility costs,” Anderson said.

The model creates a sustainment calculator based on RSMeans’ square-foot estimating models by mapping RSMeans’ assemblies data to facilities' maintenance and repair cost data (FM&R) tables. In moments, users can create cost-detail spreadsheets, summary tables that calculate sustainment costs and ratios, and time cycle charts. Reports can be customized to any location in the United States or Canada.

Reporting capabilities also allow users to:

• Quickly estimate total sustainment costs, fully customized to a facility with adjustments for quantity, capacity, design life, maintenance and repair and preventive maintenance costs, repair frequency, time cycle length, escalation rates, location, and site cost conditions.

• Run comparison reports for new construction and existing facilities to determine short and long-term maintenance needs.

• Ensure the longest serviceable building life attainable for virtually any commercial facility.

• Improve performance over the lifetime of building and equipment and identify opportunities for savings.

About RSMeansRSMeans was acquired by The Gordian Group in July 2014, and is North America’s leading supplier of construction cost information. RSMeans offers dependable cost data that is locally relevant, accurate and up-to-date. Available in convenient book, ebook, CD, and online formats, RSMeans tools give owners, developers, architects, engineers, and contractors the information they need to build competitive cost estimates.


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