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WaterSignal Introduces Its Next Generation System To Create Faster Connections, Expand Geographic Reach and Add Services



ATLANTA – WaterSignal, the leading wireless system that continuously monitors water usage in real time, announces the launch of their Generation 5 model. The new system configuration creates faster connections, expands geographic reach and adds services to help customers conserve water.

“The previous system was programmed to communicate data back to the property or building manager through an AT&T 2G Network,” said Scott Kale, vice president of WaterSignal. “Since AT&T is shutting down their 2G network, we switched our communications platform to Verizon.

“As a result, our wireless system connects with customers much faster. Since Verizon also offers better and expanded geographic coverage, our system can now work efficiently in new markets, such as California and Washington, DC.”

WaterSignal is a self-contained, non-intrusive device that continuously measures water flow in real time and sends data wirelessly to a website portal to view the water consumption by the month, day or even down to the hour.

If a major leak occurs, much like an energy surge popping a circuit breaker, the device alerts the manager or engineer that an abnormal water spike has occurred. The alert can be sent to both a computer and a smartphone for the manager to act upon, and can be customized for business hours as well as after hours and weekends.

In addition to the better coverage and faster connection times that come with the network switch, Kale says that WaterSignal has now added a new six month property check-up and audit to their service offering. 

Previously, when a new customer came onboard, the WaterSignal team would walk the property to conduct a water audit to detail problems and develop water conservation recommendations. While the team will continue to conduct the audit upon customer sign-up, the team will come back to the property in six months to evaluate the program, review the data and re-walk the property.

“When we started conducting follow up audits to some of our customers, they found so much value in it as we helped them understand the data they were receiving in order to find new solutions to their water usage problems,” says Kale.


About WaterSignal

WaterSignal is a green technology company focused on water conservation. WaterSignal measures water flows in real-time to detect leaks and monitor irrigation systems and cooling towers for commercial, multifamily, medical and educational properties. WaterSignal is located in Alpharetta, GA with operations in ten states. Visit, call 877-704-0980 or follow on Twitter @WaterSignal.


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