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Seresco Introduces The NV-Series, The HVAC Industry's Most Efficient Indoor Pool Ventilation Unit


Seresco USA Inc., Decatur, Ga., a leading manufacturer of indoor air quality equipment, has introduced the NV-Series indoor swimming pool ventilation product line featuring the HVAC industry's smallest footprint, lightest weight and highest efficiencies. 

The NV-Series taps the growing natatorium trend of specifying economically-operated, simple-to-maintain, non-compressorized ventilation units for space temperature and relative humidity (RH) control in geographical areas with ideal cooler, drier summer climates such as the northwestern or midwestern U.S. or western Canadian provinces.

Available in 4,000 to 70,000-cfm sizes, The NV-Series' innovative use of  a Glycol Run-Around Loop (GRAL) heat recovery strategy results in a smaller and more compact, but an equally effective ventilation unit versus conventional plate heat exchanger systems. The GRAL's reduced fan energy makes the NV-Series more efficient  compared to the power required to offset the larger air side pressure drops associated with plate heat exchangers.

The GRAL combined with Seresco's on-board microprocessor-based CommandCenter® modulates outdoor air and exhaust air to control the space's RH and temperature better than any other unit and heat recovery device on the market. No other product offers the precise modulation control precision needed to deliver optimum space conditions with the lowest possible energy usage.

The delicate balance between space RH and temperature, and dozens of other operating parameters, is monitored by WebSentry®, Seresco's proprietary web browser-based software/hardware application that's factory-installed on all Seresco commercial equipment and allows 24/7 real-time data transmission and extranet access. The unique WebSentry automatically monitors equipment parameters at no charge and alerts factory technicians when the unit requires servicing or fine-tuning.

Another NV-Series efficiency feature is Seresco's standard direct-drive backward-inclined plenum fans, variable frequency drives (VFD) and electronically commutated (EC) motors. They combine for energy savings of up to 20-percent versus conventional belt-driven ventilation units.

Other benefits of the NV-Series:

·       Real-time internet monitoring of all system parameters to prove system and heat recovery performance.

·       Compatible with the Evacuator™, a chloramines source capture/exhaust plenum-type of device integrated into one width of a pool gutter system that's manufactured by Paddock Pool Equipment, Rock Hill, S.C. The compatible NV-Series can recover heat from the Evacuator system for additional energy savings.

·       GRAL system is easily accessible, repairable and replaceable whereas large plate heat exchanger ventilation methodology is not.

·       Outdoor air and exhaust air coils are available in depths with multiple rows depending on the target efficiency.

·       Smallest footprint in the industry allows for one-piece cabinet shipping without labor-intensive onsite assembly.

·       Heating coil options include gas-fired and electric coils, or steam or hot water coils supplied by a central plant. Coiling coils are also optional.

·       All components exposed to the air stream are corrosion-protected with a fully-dipped proprietary coating. Electrical and control components are positioned in an easily accessed service vestibule that's protected from the air stream.

·       A free online video describing the NV-Series advantages is posted at

·       A free Professional Design Hour (PDH) video, that's accredited as a continuing education credit by some states, also includes a section on designing ventilation only units for natatoriums. It's available at

The NV-Series has evolved from more than a decade of industry leading indoor pool air quality designs such as Seresco's NE-Series conventional DX dehumidifier and the NP-Series "Protocol" reduced refrigerant dehumidifier product lines.

For more information on Seresco USA Inc., and its IAQ equipment, please visit; email or call (770) 457-3392.


About Seresco: Seresco USA Inc., Decatur, Ga., is the U.S. subsidiary of privately-owned Seresco Technologies Inc., which is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Seresco specializes in commercial and residential indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers and other indoor air quality HVAC equipment that's sold through a manufacturer's representative network, and serviced and supported by factory-trained service technicians. For more information, please visit, email or call (770) 457-3392.

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