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Stellar Line-up of Precisely Engineered Fiber Acoustic Underlayment For Hard Surface Flooring Makes Well Matched Specifying Easy



Norfolk, Nebraska - MP Global Products offers specifiers a stellar line-up of fiber acoustic underlayments for hard surface flooring. Made in the USA and featuring the easy-to-install rollout design, each option is engineered for optimized performance under specific types of finished flooring.


All of our fiber underlayments are constructed using pre-consumer recycled fibers and meet the most rigorous indoor air quality standards. All our environmental claims are independently certified.


Whether working on a project for a home, office, high-rise apartment complex, or condominium, flooring professionals can find the precise MP Global Products fiber underlayment to fit the bill.


QuietWalk® is a unique, earth-friendly, acoustic and insulating laminate and floating wood floor underlayment that smoothes out little subfloor imperfections while quieting impact sound and floor to ceiling noise. QuietWalk dampens ambient sound in the room it’s installed in and helps minimize impact and airborne sound from traveling into the room below. QuietWalk’s patented manufacturing process and recycled fiber composition (minimum 94% pre-consumer recycled fibers) create a unique moisture management system to protect the overlying flooring from harmful water vapor while retaining its exceptional compression resistance over the lifetime of the installation.


VersaWalk™ is a universal underlayment engineered for maximum performance under wood, laminate and luxury vinyl tile. Composed of at least 94% pre-consumer recycled fibers, VersaWalk installs under nail-down, glue-down and floated flooring, making it a great choice for installations where there are multiple types of new flooring. VersaWalk smoothes out little subfloor imperfections while quieting impact sound and floor to ceiling noise. It also dampens ambient sound in the room and helps minimize impact and airborne sound from traveling into the room below. VersaWalk features the same exceptional compression resistance and excellent moisture management as QuietWalk.


Made with 100% recycled pre-consumer textiles, our very earth-friendly Insulayment® underlayment is a great choice for glue-down and nail-down wood floors. Comfort and performance attributes abound. The randomly air-laid filaments create a capillary effect to cushion the floor and absorb impact sound. The 0.11” thickness of Insulayment also helps smooth out imperfections in substrates prior to the installation of the hard-surface floor covering. And Insulayment will add a thermal "break" to the flooring assembly with a R-value of approximately 0.50.


UltraLayer® is an environmentally friendly underlayment perfectly  matched for ceramic and porcelain tile floors and many natural stone tiles. UltraLayer helps absorb impact sound so it won’t transfer to the room below and insulates floors to help keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Made from 100% pre-consumer recycled fibers, UltraLayer suppresses lateral cracking to protect ceramic tile from potential damage. The 0.10" thickness of UltraLayer also helps smooth out imperfections in substrates prior to the installation of a hard-surface floor covering.


Installing underlayment under ceramic tile, porcelain tile and natural stone is quick and easy with UltraLayer® Peel & Stick. It installs onto concrete subfloors smoothly without the use of thinset mortar. Simply peel off the coating, press the membrane to the subfloor, and you're ready to set tile. UltraLayer P&S insulates floors to help keep them warm in winter and cool in summer, helps absorb impact sound so it won't transfer to a lower level room, and suppresses lateral cracks. With its 0.10" thickness, it's firm enough to support the overlying floor yet flexible enough to form around sub-floor roughness so minor imperfections are smoothed before the finish floor is laid.


QuietWarmth® is an exciting value-adding product that combines the superior acoustical and insulating technology of QuietWalk® with ThermoSoft® FiberThermics® heating elements to create a supplemental radiant heat and underlayment system ideally suited for under floating wood floors, laminate floors, along with SnapStone® or Avaire® tiles. It may also be used under traditional ceramic and porcelain tile installations. QuietWarmth suppresses impact sound from hard surface flooring while making the surface toasty warm under bare feet. It would be a welcome addition to kitchens, bathrooms and playrooms, especially in homes where children often play on or close to the floor.


About MP Global Products

Headquartered in Norfolk, Nebraska, MP Global Products L.L.C. is an innovator and leader in the manufacture of Made-in-America third-party certified earth-friendly quality acoustic floor underlayments. The company offers both off-the-shelf and custom products using natural and synthetic fibers. For more information visit or call 888-379-9695.

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