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EPCO Polycarbonate T5 HD Tube Guard Only One Recommended for T5HO Lamps

“Vented” end caps and heat sink screens lower tube guard’s inside temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit

MINNEAPOLIS — Engineered Products Company (www.engproducts.com) (EPCO), a supplier of specialty lighting and wiring consumable products for electrical contractors, today announced that EPCO’s T5HD (heat dissipation) Series Tube Guard is the only one recommended for higher-wattage, energy-saving T5HO fluorescent lamps. According to EPCO President Jack Schuster, “While T5HO lamps are a high efficacy lighting-system solution, their higher lumen output comes at a cost. The T5HO lamp dissipates 73% of its total lamp power as heat. And when this lamp is used in combination with a tube guard, that heat must be properly dissipated from the lamp. EPCO is the only manufacturer today that has tested and fully recommends their T5HD Series Tube Guard for dissipating the heat from T5HO lamps.”

EPCO’s T5HD Series Tube Guard’s larger diameter and “vented” end caps allow a layer of air to act as an insulator to absorb heat from the T5HO lamp and cool it before making contact with the inside wall of the tube guard. The “vented” end caps allow the release of heat, further reducing the temperature build-up inside the tube at a critical position of the T5HO lamp. The larger diameter accommodates heat sink screens that control and distribute the heat, lowering the temperature over a larger area at the end of the tube guard. All of these things result in a 25-degree Fahrenheit temperature reduction compared with other similar products. In addition, EPCO recommends the use of heat sink screens with all of its tube guards, to aid in controlling heat that is generated by the fluorescent lamp. 

About EPCO
Engineered Products Company supplies electrical distributors with specialty lighting, lighting accessories, and wiring solutions that address a wide range of standard and unique applications. EPCO’s durable, reliable products, high fill rate, on-time delivery, and no-risk purchase terms optimize distributor cash flow and profit margins on the consumable products electricians use for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential buildings. Known for its exceptional customer service, as well as sales representatives who are the most knowledgeable in the electrical industry, the Minneapolis-based company offers multiple configurations of products to meet a broad variety of building applications.

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