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Notifier Amplifies Power Of Digital Voice Communications

Expanded Line of Fire Alarm and Emergency Communications Digital Voice Amplifiers Covers Range of Needs and Configurations

NORTHFORD, Conn.  – NOTIFIER by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has expanded its line of amplifiers to provide more flexible options for powering its fire alarm and emergency communications systems’ audio announcements for maximum intelligibility across a multitude of environments. The addition of new 100 watt and 125 watt amplifiers enables NOTIFIER systems to provide better audio solutions for larger buildings, outdoor areas, and industrial applications with high levels of ambient noise.Photo courtesy of Crossfire & Security Co. Inc., NY

NOTIFIER amplifiers support single and multi-channel audio, as well as bulk audio systems with a range of 35 watt to 125 watt power options. Whether designing an effective audio system for a new building or upgrading a current system to meet NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) intelligibility standards, the varied capabilities of NOTIFIER’s amplifiers allows the output of its voice communications systems to be easily tailored to virtually any application.

By offering up to four audio channels with 100 watts or 125 watts of power, NOTIFIER’s largest amplifiers can support the diverse needs of today’s more intricate fire alarm voice evacuation and emergency communications systems. Loud, manufacturing plants are ideal applications for high-power amplifiers to send intelligible messages that are clearly understood over the ambient noise. The two higher-power amplifiers also enable NOTIFIER systems to better support large, outdoor speaker arrays used to broadcast mass notifications across municipalities, school campuses and military bases.

NOTIFIER’s Strategic Product Manager, Pete Smith, asserts the expanded line of amplifiers was necessary to meet the increasing intricacies of today’s life safety systems, be it for fire alarm voice evacuation or mass notification.

“Voice evacuation systems are an expanding part of our business, and having a full range of options helps designers choose components that fit the individual applications,” explains Smith. “And our new high-power amps will be great tools for applications where bulk or distributed audio is needed.”  

NOTIFIER amplifiers can be installed using copper wire, fiber optic cable, or a combination of both to connect its Digital Voice Command control panel with amplifiers, speakers, remote paging units, and even fire fighters telephones on a single loop. Utilizing multi-mode or single mode fiber permits longer distances between amplifiers on a loop. Supporting Style 7 wiring also makes NOTIFIER audio systems more survivable by allowing communications to continue in the event of damage to digital audio loop media.

Reach out to a local regional manager for a demonstration of NOTIFIER’s digital audio capabilities. Case studies and more technical documentation are available on www.notifier.com.

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