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Badger State Fruit Processing installed Foam Control EPS roof insulation to top its new cold storage facility



DENVER, CO—As Butch Gardner hauls cranberries between two cold storage facilities on the BadgerState Fruit Processing property in Pittsville, Wisconsin, he gives the “thumbs-up” to plant manager Mark Konrardy for a job well done. Konrardy met three tough challenges for the construction of a new cold storage facility—built to house Badger’s 200 million pounds of cranberries with room to grow.


Gardner, owner of Badger State Fruit Processing, is getting ready for the new cranberry harvest, which happens in just a few short weeks. Badger State’s 200 million pounds of cranberries represents about 45% of Wisconsin’s enormous crop. With Wisconsin’s claim to the largest cranberry-producing state in the union, that’s no small potatoes. According to Gardner, Wisconsin harvests about 52% of the world’s cranberries.


“Right now I grow, sell, and process cranberries for all of the buyers in the states—including the very biggest.” With 1100 acres of cranberries, Butch Gardner is Wisconsin’s largest independent grower.  “Right now our cranberries are stored in our combined two cold storage buildings. With the new facility we’ll go past that as new acres are planned to meet world demand for cranberry products.”


The new cold storagefacility had to be built to withstand many years of operation. Gardner issued a directive to his plant manager, Mark Konrardy. "The owner challenged me to find a way to keep our operating costs on the new cold storage facility lowwhile achieving demanding temperature control requirements,” explained Konrardy. “Our choice to use Foam-Control and Foam-Control Plus architectural grade EPS insulation evolved out of my research into materials that would meet performance, cost, constructability and environmental criteria. We wanted to make sure it wouldn’t break downunderground—it has to hold up for years of operation and not become damaged by moisture.”


Nearly 2 million board feet of ACH Foam Technologies’ Foam-Control flat EPS roof insulation and over half a million board feet of the manufacturer’s new Foam- Control Plus+ architectural grade perimeter and underslab insulation were used in the construction of the new cold storage facility this summer.



EPS flute filler is custom cut to project specifications, saving installation time and prevents scrap waste.


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