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InPro’s Antimicrobial Handrails Protect Healing Environments Against Microbial Growth


New SureContact™ Handrails Combat Contamination Of Common Healthcare Surfaces

Milwaukee, Wis. – The double-barreled risk of inadequate hand hygiene and ineffective cleaning led InPro Corporation to launch its new SureContact™ line of handrails.

In an article by the American College of Emergency Physicians, “Efforts to cajole healthcare personnel to clean their hands frequently have just about topped out.” The article cited a recent study by Dr. Philip Carling of over 62,500 critical touch points in 103 medical institutions. It was determined that only 34% were effectively cleaned post-discharge.

“Most academic articles only address hand hygiene and cleaning protocols for hospital personnel. What about the hand hygiene of patients?  Even more concerning, what about the hand hygiene of visitors?” asked Mark Alan, senior vice president of product management and development for InPro. “We believe our SureContact™ handrails may play a role in reducing surface contamination. It is another line of defense.”

SureContact™ incorporates Sanitized® Zinc Pyrithione non-leaching technology to help reduce microorganisms. During the manufacturing process, the Zinc Pyrithione technology is anchored into the material substrate at the molecular level rather than applied to the surface. The active ingredient electrically depolarizes the microbe’s membrane and inactivates them creating a permanently protected surface. This physical mode of action does not promote microbe cell mutation and does not leach into the surrounding environment.

The SureContact™ antimicrobial option is available on seven solid-color InPro handrail models.

About InPro Corporation

InPro Corporation, headquartered in Muskego, WI, is the nation’s premier manufacturer of door and wall protection, washroom systems and commercial surfaces, expansion joint systems, cubicle track & privacy curtains and signage. Since 1979, InPro has been making and servicing products with a paranoid commitment to protecting the safety, healthiness, and appearance of buildings. For more information on InPro Corporation, visit, or call 800-222-5556.

About IPC

IPC, a division of InPro Corporation, manufactures door & wall protection products that defend against never-ending maintenance and costly renovations—without comprising choice in materials.

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