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Flood Buzz Pro: New Low-Cost Water Leak Alarm Introduced as a Professional Marketing Tool


May Be Customized with Brand’s Logo and Corporate Color

It’s like having a contractor’s business card right where customers need them!

Short Hills, NJ -- Archetype Ltd., a N.J.-based manufacturer / distributor, has launched the Flood Buzz™ Pro – an easy-to-use, to-the-trade-only, low-cost, patent-pending, loud and effective water leak alarm designed to help mitigate damage caused by water leaks and to serve as a key marketing and relationship building tool for plumbers, HVAC contractors, insurance agents, remediation contractors, and building maintenance service providers.

As a marketing tool, the Flood BuzzTM Pro is the best way for a contractor to put his or her name and contact information exactly where and when customers need them – when they have a water leak.  It will help identify a leak before it becomes a flood saving customers the costs and headaches that come with undetected leaks.  Once customers hear the buzzer alert, they will call.


Flood Buzz™ Pro has an internal battery -- so once it is placed near potential water leak locations (water heaters, condensate pans, laundry, under sinks, toilets, etc.), it will sound an up to 110 dB alert to any potential flood condition when water touches the two prongs on the bottom of the product.  Since the Flood Buzz™ Pro’s internal battery has an up to three- year life, it provides contractors with a reason for a service visit every three years to replace the Flood Buzz™ Pro and assess the client's current conditions and needs.  


The product is designed to feature a brand’s own logo and corporate color with a minimum order of 10,000 units.  It also has a label area on the back of the product where contractors can affix their own label with their direct contact info. The Flood BuzzTM Pro delivers that cost-effective marketing advantage that will make a difference in a contractor’s business.


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