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Product Release: Pecora 898NST Non-Staining Sanitary Silicone

HARLEYSVILLE, Pa. -- Pecora's line of NST
Non-Staining Silicones has been expanded to include 898NST,
Non-Staining Sanitary Silicone.

To eliminate the high cost associated with silicone staining
in porous substrates, Pecora introduced the industry's first
complete line of non-staining architectural silicone
sealants in 2007 including:

-- 864NST Low Modulus Architectural Silicone
-- 890NST Ultra-Low Modulus Architectural Silicone
-- 890FTS & 890FTS-TXTR Field Tintable Silicone (TXTR
    version introduced in 2010)
-- 895NST Medium Modulus Structural Silicone Glazing &
    Weatherproofing Silicone

Now, traditional Pecora 898 Sanitary Silicone has been taken
to the next level with NST Non-Staining Technology(R).
Traditional 898 combined silicone durability with the mildew
and mold resistance necessary for interior applications
where a high degree of cleanliness and freedom from mold and
mildew growth is required. With NST Non-Staining
Technology(R), 898NST not only resists the growth of unsightly
and potentially dangerous molds but also eliminates the
potential for staining of natural stones such as granite,
marble and limestone that can occur with traditional
silicone sealants.

"We often see very expensive commercial bathrooms or other
interior sanitary applications with substrates that are not
suitable for traditional acetoxy silicones," says Bob Carle,
Pecora Regional Sales Manager, of the possibilities of new
898NST. "The by-products of their cure acids can be
corrosive to stone and tiles."

Like Pecora's original line of NST silicones, Pecora 898NST
is neutral cure and does not contain those fluid molecules
that damage natural stone such as marble or granite,
protecting tiles, counter-tops or other surfaces from
unsightly stains. And because no fluid is present to migrate
from the sealant, there is reduced dirt pick-up on joints
that can promote mold and mildew growth in warm and humid

898NST's USDA acceptance and non-staining and sanitary
properties make it the perfect solution in hospitals,
schools, clean rooms, kitchens and bathrooms or anywhere
mold and mildew are likely to grow. It is also ideal for
resetting or re-grouting ceramic or natural stone tiles.

Carle adds, "Pecora's new 898NST is compatible with marble,
granite, or other porous stones because we've taken out the
fluids that can migrate into those surfaces and discolor
them. This new technology is a real problem solver for tile
contractors and for clean room environments, as well as for
any caulking applicators doing interior work and in need of
a great gunning, durable, stain-free sealant."

Pecora 898NST is available now from authorized waterproofing
distributors throughout the United States and is a
professional system that must be used in conformity with
manufacturer's instructions. For more information, please
visit http://www.pecora.com.

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