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ASHRAE Request for Proposals

ASHRAE is pleased to solicit proposals for seven new research projects and three re-bid projects.  The research project titles are listed below.

Proposals are due 8 a.m. EST, Thursday, December 15, 2011. The projects are scheduled to begin April 1, 2012 or later.

Copies of the requests-for-proposals (RFPs) can be found on the "Research" page of the ASHRAE website (www.ASHRAE.org) or by going to the following link: http://www.ashrae.org/technology/page/39

Prior to preparing a proposal, please review the sample ASHRAE Research Agreement and General Conditions as well as other information for solicited proposals found on the Research page of the ASHRAE website.

Please give this announcement wide and prompt distribution to all researchers within your organization that may have an interest.  

1399-TRP (re-bid), “Survey of Particle Production Rates from Process Activities in Pharmaceutical and Biological Cleanrooms;” Responsible Committee: TC 9.11(Clean Spaces)
1462-TRP, “Active Mechanisms for Enhancing Heat and Mass Transfer in Sorption Fluids” Responsible Committee  TC 8.3 (Absorption and Heat Operated Machines)
1535-TRP, “A Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Correlation for Low Air-side Reynolds Number Applications of Compact Heat Exchangers”  Responsible Committee  TC 8.4 (Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment)
1556-TRP, Characterization of Liquid Refrigerant Flow Emerging From a Flooded Evaporator Tube Bundle”Responsible Committee  TC 1.3 (Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow) Co-Sponsor: TC 8.5 (Liquid to Refrigerant Heat Exchangers)
1565-TRP (re-bid), “Development of the ASHRAE Design Guide for Dedicated Outdoor-Air Systems” Responsible Committee  TC 8.10 (Mechanical Dehumidification Equipment and Heat Pipes)
1581-TRP (re-bid), “Develop Alternate Set-up Guidelines for Unitary Air Conditioner Test Configurations Which Cannot Adhere to ASHRAE 37 /ASHRAE 116 specified Duct Dimensions and External Pressure Tap Locations;” Responsible Committee: TC 8.11 (Unitary and Room Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps)
1602-TRP, “Thermal-Fluid Behavior of Mixed Refrigerants for Cryogenic Applications” Responsible Committee  TC 10.1,  Custom Engineered Refrigeration Systems, Co-Sponsored by: TC 1.3 Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
1616-TRP, “Revise Load Calculation Applications Manual (2009)”  Responsible Committee  TC 4.1  (Load Calculation Data and Procedures)
1651-TRP, “Development of Maximum Technically Achievable Energy Targets for Commercial Buildings (Ultra Low Energy Use Building Set)”,  Responsible Committee:  (MTG.ET, Energy Targets Implementation Planning)

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