Necessary Sign of the Times: Bullet-Resistant Seat Kits for Auditoriums Available

  August 10, 2015

Security should ranks among the top priorities for all facility managers. The emphasis has only increased because of a rash of mass shootings over the years in public places such as schools and movie theaters.

The 2012 Century 16 shooting in Aurora, Colo., provided the motivation for Ballistic Furniture Systems to develop a product to help increase safety inside auditoriums and other public gathering places by protecting patrons from violence. The company has created the Amulet™ retrofit "T" kits that create bullet-resistant barriers that can be installed during seat manufacturing or applied as a retrofit without replacing banks of theater seats.

“Theaters, churches, schools and other gathering places are all vulnerable to acts of terrorism and threats from active shooters," says Jeffrey Isquith, CEO of Ballistic Furniture Systems. “We must be proactive in creating safe havens for individuals.”

Here's the concept: The kits work in conjunction with typical human behavioral response to unexpected gunfire: to duck and cover or hide behind a barrier. Because it is installed within existing structures and seating, the barriers are a passive, hidden product that does not detract from the enjoyment of the theatre experience.

For photos and more information on the product, click here.


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