How Facility Managers Can Defend Against Cyberattacks

Collaboration and separation of systems can aid in protecting from cyberattacks.   January 18, 2024

By Jeff Wardon, Jr., Assistant Editor

With more facilities facing cyberattacks and hacks compromising their systems, how can facility managers defend against the growing onslaught of cyber threats? The answer is to know the enemy and what tactics they employ.  

In this video, Facilities Net interviews Laurie Gilmer, associate at Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) about what she sees as the major cyber threats to facility managers and how they can protect their organizations against these attacks. One key vector for attack is through seemingly innocuous but suspicious links. This strategy preys upon the unknowing employee who clicks on said shady link that masquerades as a mundane one. After clicking on the link, hackers can gain access to an organization’s network and data. To protect against this, there can be collaboration between IT and facilities management. 

Key Takeaways from this Video: 

  • One of the biggest threats in the increasing connectivity of everything (0:38) 
  • The IT and facilities management departments must collaborate more (2:12) 
  • Keep facilities management systems separate from the main business systems (2:47) 

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Jeff Wardon, Jr. is the assistant editor of the facilities market. 


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