Conceptual Design Helps Solve Security Setup

  January 26, 2012

This is Casey Laughman, managing editor of Building Operating Management magazine. Today's tip is to use a conceptual design when designing security systems.

The goals of a conceptual design are to understand the current and relevant security systems, policies, procedures and responses. As well, facility managers need to understand future expectations and requirements of the proposed systems, and develop a preliminary design and budget that meets end-user expectations as well as operational, financial and regulatory requirements.

The first step to take in the conceptual design is to conduct an existing conditions survey. During this step, a close examination of the resources and systems currently in place is made. It also documents the currently deployed systems and determines if systems, components and hardware can be reused in the new system.

It is also important to conduct a system needs analysis, for which it will be necessary to research codes, regulations, standards and statutes that may affect the design and implementation of the security systems. Understanding and clearly defining the user needs and expectations is critical. This is best done by completing a "basis of design" document.

Upon the completion of the basis of design document, the team can now move on to the preliminary conceptual design and budget. At this point, appropriate systems and technologies are identified, including access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, monitoring stations, programming stations, and visitor management systems. Advanced systems such as video analytics, facial recognition, and enhanced video review can be added to the design as well.

Facility managers must work closely with the professional security consultant, designer, or engineer and make sure that IT and security department representatives are included in the conversation. The goal is to develop a programming schedule that addresses the needs of the multiple departments. A rough order of magnitude budget is also developed during this phase.


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