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What Is RoofPoint?

Today's tip is about a new rating system developed by an organization called the Center For Environmental Innovation in Roofing.

RoofPoint is similar to the LEED rating system in that it awards points for sustainable strategies. For roofs, this means everything from added insulation to vegetated roofs. The goal is to give facility managers a guide to environmentally responsible practices in roofing that isn't specific to any particular roofing system, membrane type or region of the country. The system is also valid for either new construction or existing buildings. Since approximately 2 to 3.5 billion square feet of roofing projects in the U.S. are re-roofing jobs, according to the Center, RoofPoint can be a very important tool for facility managers with aging roofs.

The system awards points in several categories, including energy management, materials management, water management, durability / life[cycle management and environmental innovation.

RoofPoint is currently in a pilot phase, but several projects have still been certified. For more information on RoofPoint and the Center, visit www.ceir.org


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