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Regular Roof Maintenance Now Can Save Money Later

Today's tip is to be sure to schedule regular maintenance for your membrane roof. Highly reflective single-ply roof membranes have been growing in popularity since the early 1990s due to energy efficiency, sustainability, ease of installation, and cost.

Many of these roof systems are performing well, but many other building owners have spent millions of dollars replacing single-ply roofs that have failed prematurely, most often due to lack of maintenance.

The standard 10-15 year warranty period of a decade ago has become a 20-30 year period today, which can give managers a false sense of security. Many managers forget that while the warranty might cover material and labor, it typically requires the manager to conduct and document roof maintenance — otherwise, the manufacturer can void the warranty. Repairing and maintaining a roof is inexpensive compared to the cost of premature roof failure. Managers need to consider using a life-cycle cost model to evaluate the benefits of roof maintenance.

No matter when a roof maintenance program is implemented, the sooner it can begin, the greater the savings will be. Maintaining files of the roof system's design, as well as its installation method, can make the future diagnosis of a roof deficiency much more efficient.

Conducting a roof survey provides a solid foundation for a maintenance program. A comprehensive survey should include a written report describing roof conditions, specific deficiencies, recommended actions, five-year budget estimates, and supporting photographs and videos.


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