Fall, Spring, Best Times of Year for Roof Inspections

  November 12, 2014

Most industry experts recommend that roof inspections be completed in the fall — to prepare for winter weather — and in the spring — to identify and correct defects created by winter weather. The inspection should identify the problems at their initial stages. Verification is also essential to extend the service life of the roof system: If the defects are not correctly identified or properly repaired (or not repaired at all) they can contribute to roof failure.

Irrespective of the membrane covering, all roof systems are comprised of similar components. The materials for the components are the only variations. The roof system components are:

• Structural deck (substrate)
• Insulation
• Membrane
• Surfacing
• Flashings
• Metal terminations

All of these components synchronize into one functional system. Each component has its own failure modes, and although failure of one component may not lead to failure of the entire system, each component must be inspected. It is imperative that the inspector pays close attention to each component and that all of the identified defects be immediately corrected.


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