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Coating Restores Roof, Provides Warranty

Indies West is a condominium community located along Gulf Shore Boulevard in Naples, Fla. It was built with the vision of villa-style living on six acres with access to Moorings Beach and the bay. The community consists of 20 buildings, with four units in each building, each with an approximately 2,000 square foot roof for a total of 45,000 square feet. 

In 2018, the granulated modified bitumen roofs on the condos were coming to the end of their 20- year warranty period. It was important to the condominium association to have a warranted roof system on their building. The condominium roofs were a good candidate for a roof coating restoration, which could provide the protection the buildings needed and offer the association the warranty they desired.

Because the existing roof was asphalt based, the decision was made to use KARNAK’s 298 Alumin-R. The 298 system has excellent compatibility with modified bitumen roof systems, and it has worked well in the extreme Florida climate. The coating is asphalt-based, the same as the membrane to which it was applied. That made for a good marriage between the two, without the need for any primers. Because it was a one-coat application instead of two, it saved on labor.

The job began in May and needed to be finished by the end of summer, so the roofing contractor would not be working on the buildings when the snowbird residents returned in the fall. It was a challenge because it rains nearly every day in Florida in the summertime. Each morning the crew had to go onto the roof and use blowers to dry everything. Over the years the buildings were experiencing some issues with the perimeter – there was no parapet wall, just a drip edge that went down to a sloped metal lower portion. To put an end to those issues, the contractor trimmed the membrane back at the perimeter and installed a three-coursed seam using KARNAK 229AR Elastomeric Trowel Grade. They then used 505MS Karna-Flex with Resat Mat around the penetrations and air conditioning stands. 


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posted on 2/27/2019