What To Be Sure A Roofing Warranty Includes

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How do replacement roof warranties compare to new construction? What should FMs be sure to make sure a warranty includes?

Roof replacement warranties and new construction warranties are similar in coverage and language since the manufacturer is only warranting the materials in the roof system. Some manufacturers will provide material only warranties for roof recover applications.

The long-term warranties require that materials are applied in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements and will typically require a final inspection by the manufacturer.

FMs should be aware that warranties always protect the manufacturer. There are several limitations and requirements of the owner that must be conducted for execution. The FM should be cognizant of these items from inception through the lifetime of the warranty. Manufacturers count on the fact that most warranties are put in a file and not referenced until it is too late.

I would strongly suggest that FMs make sure that exclusions for hail and ponding water are not included in Thermoplastic Membrane warranties.

There is a thought process in this industry that roof warranties should not be purchased — yes they cost money — due to the limitations. FMs should consult their legal departments on this issue because the manufacturers’ actual responsibilities may be limited to the State’s Uniform Commercial Code requirements if no warranty is obtained. Most UCC codes only hold manufacturers accountable for four to six years.

Answers provided by John D’Annunzio, president, Paragon Roofing Technology.

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