Unexpected Disruptions Common During Roofing Projects

Unexpected Disruptions Common During Roofing Projects

Part two of a three-part article on roofing projects

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor  
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Disruptions because of weather and other unforeseen situations are among the concerns to consider when planning a roofing project. Effectively navigating such disruptions go a long way toward project success.

“Ideally, you want to make sure the weather conditions are good for the project — that you’re not trying to tear and reroof a project in the middle of winter when it can snow 14 or 15 inches and, you’ve got a huge problem trying to get it finished or contractors trying to do work when it’s extremely cold, and you don’t get the proper job you’d get under better conditions,” Botkin says. “Look at what’s best for your area — when you’ve got the best weather and drier weather or better heat.”

Managers planning roofing projects should anticipate disruptions during the process, no matter the source.

“The disruption can occur from numerous sources, like loading and unloading the roof, tearing off the existing roof, or installing fasteners, adhesives and asphalt,” Goodman says. “Some roofing systems are more disruptive than others, so it is good to ask these kinds of questions up front.”

Disruptions during the installation process, such as delays in the construction schedule or increased noise, might interfere with building occupants. It is important that managers regularly communicate the progress of the project and alert occupants of schedule changes.

“Often, managers face hurdles in regard to communication with building occupants,” says John Geary with Firestone Building Products. “It is a facility manager’s responsibility to share realistic expectations and general timelines with occupants to properly prepare them for any potential inconvenience. Similarly, they must facilitate communication and coordination among the multiple building trade professionals who may be working on the project, which can present additional challenges.”

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Unexpected Disruptions Common During Roofing Projects

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