Office building tenants need up-to-date information about steps in the roof replacement process.

Staffing and Security: Successful Roof Replacement Projects

Focusing on occupant needs, material management and staffing issues can streamline roof replacements on commercial office buildings

By Michael Spach  
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The third area to plan for related to a roof replacement project is security. For any business, having unfamiliar faces on site can be stressful. For some, it might interfere with their customer base, and for others it might be a security risk. Having written guidelines with confirmed exceptions can ease potential tenant concerns and provide an enforcement mechanism. Strong guidelines will cover site access and personnel expectations.

For site access, managers need to set restrictions on the way the crew will access the job site, including parking, as well as if and where crew are permitted in the facility, when they are allowed on site, and restrictions for their time on site, meaning escorted access.

Personnel guidelines should include: establishing a designated superintendent who is always on site while work is ongoing; requiring crew members to wear a company shirt, sweatshirt or jacket so they are clearly identifiable; behavioral guidelines addressing language, conduct, alcohol use, etc.; and safety guidelines, including a ban on weapons.

It is important that all project team members are aware and committed to these guidelines and have a clear understanding of the enforcement penalties, including fees and termination if they are broken.

Commercial office buildings present a host of complex challenges for managers related to the repair or replacement of a facility’s roof. An engaged manager and project team committed to detailed planning and focused on communication, the process and job site security will be able to deliver a successful project.

Michael Spach, RRO, RRC, is a roofing and building enclosure specialist at Smith Seckman Reid; in Nashville. He has been in the roofing industry for more than 30 years and has worked as a roofing contractor and a roof consultant. He is a certified level 1 infrared thermographer and serves as president of the Mid-South Chapter of the Roof Consultants Institute,

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High-Level Decisions: Successful Roof Replacements

Roof System Selection: Ensuring Successful Roof Replacements

Staffing and Security: Successful Roof Replacement Projects

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